[:en]I finally get to show off that trendy gold and white sweet table I worked on in collaboration with Marie from MA Signature Events this past May. She brought together some of the best in the industry to create a seamless and sophisticated styled shoot. It was such an experience, being able to set up in an art studio, the Le Livart. You literally have a blank canvas, all white walls you can play with! It was so much fun being able to see my creation come to life amidst this white backdrop.

I was given carte Blanche (pun intended) to do as I pleased so long as I created something within the elements of the styled shoot: mercury gold, paper flowers, white, trendy and stunning 🙂 . I think I was able to capture the essence she wanted!

Marie shared with us a brief description behind her concept and this is what she had to say:

“I wanted to manipulate white in different elements to bring more of the immaculate whiteness of the venue. But I didn’t want it to be uni-dimensional, so we played with various textures and styles to create an interesting visual. By combining modern, vintage, metal, paper , gold and white, we were able to create an eclectic but stunning decor!”

With that being said, here are the pictures of the shoot taken by the very talented Mo from Maurice Keiffer Wedding Photography

A Splash of Gold

gold white, sweet table, dessert table

The desserts were all white with some speckles of gold to give that mercury gold effect!

Mo was able to use the art studio to his advantage taking different shots from different angles, giving the table a new few each time.

gold and white sweet table

Eat Cake for Breakfast

As the famous saying goes, who wouldn’t want cake for breakfast! I especially (don’t judge me) love a piece of cake the day after the party…for breakfast…with my first cup of coffee…Delicious! The best part of these cakes are the paper flowers I used to decorate them with. Marie did a phenomenal job making so many for the shoot.


gold and white sweet table, montreal sweet table

gold and white sweet table, paper flowers on cake

gold white sweet table

Dinner is served!

As for the dinner table setting, it couldn’t get more elegant than this. All crisp white paper flowers with gold touches to bring out that romantic feel, yet this can be set up for a cozy winter wedding or a summer soiree. Gold and white has always been and will always be a dream color theme to work with. It’s royalty, elegance (sorry for the repeat) and sophistication all rolled up in a beautiful ball!

gold and white sweet table

Marie and her lovely assistants made the floral backdrop. It took them some time but they managed to get it done. How pretty are these sitting on the mantle!

gold and white sweet table

And you guys! You’re going to freak out when you see how Mademoiselle D created the menu cards!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the eye candy as much I enjoyed this collaboration! This trendy gold and white is here to stay and I’m happy to say that I’ve done multiple tables within this very theme 🙂

Until the next table, stay sweet!




Concept and design : M.A. Signature Events www.masignature.ca
Photographer: Maurice Kieffer www.mauricekieffer.com
Sweet table and design: May Houri www.chocolata.ca
Venue: Le Livart www.lelivart.com
Rentals: Location Gervais www.locationgervais.com
Tables and chairs; Happening.ca
Custom menu card: Mademoiselle D www.mademoiselled.com