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[:en]Another year has passed and as I reflect upon 2017, I’m going to sound like all the other blog posts out there – “I feel blessed and am truly thankful for what the year has brought!”. It really has been an amazing year. Finding my rhythm, my squad and creating lasting friendships and mentorships with fellow mom bosses and ladypreneurs! One way I’m celebrating this year is by setting up a stylish bar cart to toast me and my family into the new year. I’ve added all of our favorite drinks so that no one feels left out 🙂

Wine Essentials

My favorite drink would be wine. A really good red does the job. But a white can be just as tasty! For my birthday I received this beautiful rose gold bottle of Bottega.

bar cart montreal

So this right here will be just fine to toast in the new year!

I bought these really cute flute glasses from HomeSense that are super cute and go so well with my bottle. Fizzy & Fabulous, yes I am lol.

Mini Sweet Table

I didn’t go all out on the desserts seeing that our dinner parties are usually huge. I did a mini version, really easy and really simple. Just the right touch for this pink and gold New Year’s Eve special.

rose gold sweet table montreal

Pink and Gold Bar Cart

This year pink and gold were a huge part of my clients sweet tables. So it was fitting that I ended the year with these colors. Pink and gold, as you may know, are my brands color palette. It has been my favorite colors for as long as I can remember. And seeing that this year was a smashing success, I wanted to incorporate my last post of the year with these colors!

Cheers to 2018!

As I let you go and celebrate with your loved ones, I just have a bit of advice for you heading into 2018. Cherish the moments that 2017 allowed you to grow and become a better version of yourself, and let go all that no longer serves you. It will not serve you in 2018. Know that your growing pains brought you one step closer to you 🙂

Love and light to you all in the new year!

stylish sweet table montreal


Until the next table, stay sweet!





Styling and Desserts by Chocolata

Bottega Rose Gold Wine

Slim Champagne Flutes and Ice Bucket from HomeSense 

Outfit from Winners

Pink Hair by Lisa Smith[:]