This past July, my niece turn the big 1! My sister and I had started planning her first birthday for months, trying to come up with a theme. We kept going back and forth, trying to choose between colours and character themes. She finally decided to do it on her favourite bedtime story The Paper Bag Princes by Robert Munch. The story reverses the princess and dragon stereotype, choosing to show that girls can fight their own battles and make their own decisions. It’s a great book, one that should be in everyones library.

The colour pallet for this table was bright and simple: yellow, orange and brown. We had the cover of the book blown up as the tables backdrop  It worked beautifully!


(backdrop was intended for personal use).

Now on to the sweets on the table 🙂

I collaborated with a friend for the cake. She made the top tier, with the same exact crown from the book (perfection!) and I created the bottom tier with cake pops. I also added milk shots and cookies for the little ones, flower topped sugar cookies and more cake pops. For the adults I had chocolate chip cookie dough dip meringues and gourmet marshmallows. Bur in the end everyone dug right in!

The birthday girl was dressed in an adorable gold tulle skirt and her amazing dad dressed up as the dragon from the story.


The table came out beautifully and the birthday girl enjoyed all her sweets! I’m so happy that I was able to give such a sweet gift to my niece. This was truly a gift from the heart 🙂




Styling and set up by Petits Plaisirs Chocolata Treats

Desserts by Petits Plaisirs Chocolata Treats

Backdrop from friend of the family

Cake Roxy’s Designs