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I wanted to start a new series in my blog, teaching you all about the fundamentals of a sweet table: how to style a sweet table. I’ve been creating them for about 2 years now, but they’ve been all the rage for far longer. It all started with Amy Atlas and just took off from there.

What it is, it’s about combining a theme and desserts and adding your style to it. Be it with decor items, printables, a really cool backdrop or super fancy cake stands. It’s all about getting creative with the theme in mind. And don’t be scared in being creative with your theme.

Once you’ve got your budget set and venue picked out, it’s time to pick out your theme. There are several ways you an do this. I’ve styled sweet tables by choosing a colour theme.

Here I went with my logo colours pink and brown.


Another theme to go with would be a holiday: Halloween



Or with your favorite children’s book: The Paper Bag Princess



Baby shower sweet tables are so much fun to create once you have a theme. My sister’s baby shower was a “Welcome to the World” Theme, all about travel.



Any theme that you choose, should be something that inspires you. It’s a great opportunity to try something different and to let your creative self go!

Remember that your budget might take a beating as you plan your table, so try to stick to your guns and work with what you have. I can guarantee you that it will turn out just as good as you imagined it, maybe even better!

Come back next time for the next instalment in my series on how to create a sweet table!