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How to celebrate while under quarantine?

We are all feeling the restraints on these difficult days. We are all living day by day, not knowing what to expect for the coming days. I’ll be honest, as soon as people heard about the restrictions that the government started placing, the cancellations were pouring in. It’s the nature of the beast. It’s to be expected. But it’s doesn’t make it any better on us small businesses that rely on our wonderful clients like you.

I also didn’t think it was fair to the little ones, so i decided to share with you some of my tips to help you celebrate at home with your family (siblings, parents only).

Let’s choose a theme!

Of course, we’re going to work with what you have at home. A lot of stores are closing for the moment, so the only place you may have at your disposal are the grocery stores and hopefully a Walmart. If you can make it to the Walmart to do your groceries, you can definitely get some party decor.

The best way to start is to look at what you currently have on hand. Coloured plates, balloons, streamers from a previous party? Let’s do the environment a favour and reuse! You can create a rainbow party, a sprinkle party even a paint party! So many fun themes 😄

Here are some examples of how you can set this up for them:

(Courtesy of A Bird’s Party)

Next, the desserts!

Let’s not panic. For those that have never really baked for their children’s party, this is a great time to start. What else do you have to do while holed up waiting for things to get better. Again, this is where your local grocery store comes in handy. You can get all the ingredients and some decorating equipment you’ll need. What I will show you doesn’t need much. BUT I do have another tip.. you can get all your desserts pre-made at the store or with a local baker. This is a great way to support small business (just make sure to ask if they’re open, valid and are feeling good).

The easiest of desserts to make are cupcakes (duh!), chocolate chip cookies, fruit cups (cut up fruits in a cup), some candy (we always have candy), a small cake and anything you can think of. You can definitely try your hand at cake pops and decorated sugar cookies.

Finally, the set up

Finally, when setting up, find a spot that is by the wall to hang your decor and balloons, and large enough surface space to add your desserts and party plates. You can use different sized plates to add your desserts for presentation. I use a lot of white to keep it uniform. To add any height, use boxes. You can decorate those with ribbon, wrapping paper or stickers. Use any mason jars laying around to hold your cutlery and small decorative vases to add your candy in. Ask the children to create cards and place them in frames to add more personal touches. At this point anything that fits your theme, goes. Trust me when I say, you probably have a ton of stuff that you can use for the dessert table. Another suggestion, use your best platters and plates that you would normally take out during the holidays. A great way to reuse them and celebrate!

celebrate in style

On a last note, it doesn’t have to be extravagant.  Just something your kid will enjoy and remember for years to come. Just because we’re in quarantine, doesn’t mean we have to stop life from happening.

Until the next table, stay sweet!