I was delighted when Laura approached me to be on her podcast and talk about how I started baking full time. Right when the quarantine hit, I was scheduled to interview with Laura from the No Formula Podcast. Little did we know, how this Covid-19 was going to play out.

She first reached out to me through LinkedIn and was really curious about what I did. She thought that it was such a cool way to earn a living: creating sweet treats for the corporate world.

I also spoke about how baking allowed me to channel meditation and made me a better, more calmer person. Take a listen to my journey as an entrepreneur, going from the corporate world to the baking one. It’s a pretty cool journey 🙂

This was my very first podcast interview and let me tell you it’s not easy! My kids decided to play Jenga on the living floor, while i was in the basement doing the interview… If you listen closely, you’ll hear the crash of the pieces 😒.  I should also try to stop saying the word SO so many times lol… That’s going to be a hard one. It’s not like typing out your answers, where you can be all proper and sh**. Just kidding! But overall it was such a great experience and I made a friend for life! Laura is the nicest most sweetest woman. She’s also be super helpful with giving me advise on SM marketing.

If you have a few minutes, take a listen to all her other guests. She’s had some wonderful people sharing great insights. Especially on how to drive your business during these weird times we’re living.


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Until the next table, stay sweet!