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Happy Birthday Canada!

July 1st will mark 150 years for Canada. Happy Birthday Canada! We are so very lucky to be able to call this land home. My parents immigrated in the 70’s so they’ve seen a lot happen since then. They’ve also come to cherish and know that Canada to them will always be their home. With all that is happening in the world, we are truly lucky to be here.

This year I wanted to celebrate by having the kids color their own flags for the big celebration coming up. I printed some flags and set them up on the dining room table. This was also a great opportunity for me to add a little sweet and drink table for them. I didn’t add a cake this time. I did something better. I found the national anthem laid out in beautiful font as a free printable.


sweet table, red and white, canada day

The national anthem

Thanks to Sarah from Sweet Green Studios for this beautiful printable. I will definitely have this up in our living room!

2nd Generation Canadians

canada day, sweet table, montreal

sweet table montreal, table de dessert montreal

Sweet Treats

For this simple table, all I did was add some macarons and cupcakes. My kids faves for sure! There was also some fruit punch to go with he color theme 🙂

Thank God for Homesense and the amazing products they have on hand. I found the drink container, glass bottles and red glitter tray all there. Have I told you how much I love that store!! They have everything you need for throwing an impromptu party or gathering.

Another great investment (in mind) are the pretty red glitter pom pops from Fizzy Party. I have used them on several tables, like valentines day, christmas and others. There are so many uses for them. This is just one way. Check out her etsy shop for more options in color and uses (cupcake toppers, etc)

I wish you a beautiful long weekend spent with family and friends. I hope that you were able to take some inspiration for your event.

Until the next table, stay sweet!





Styling, desserts, photography by Chocolata 

Printable from Sweet Green Studios

Drink container, glass bottles, red glitter tray from Homesense 

Red Glitter Pops from Fizzy Party