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By now, everyone, yes everyone should either know the lyrics to “Let it go” or at least the names of the characters. Like all the little girls, my daughter was obsessed! I mean OBSESSED! As soon as she saw the movie, she knew what her party theme would be. And she told me that for 6 months straight.

With all the parties floating around the net, I was trying to go for something a little different, yet simple. I wanted to create a table around the love of sisters. Growing up, I was really close with mine. We’re 4 girls and 2 boys in the family. My parents always taught us to be united and that we only really had each other. I want my girls to have that same bond. I want them to be able to talk to each other, to be able to confide in each other when they can’t come to us. You’ll see in the pictures, their love and camaraderie come through! It makes a mommy very proud!

My colour pallet was based off Elsa and Anna’s dresses: blue, silver and purple. I was really lucky to get the backdrop from my daughter’s school. They have the most amazing things for crafts. I added silver snowflakes and tulle draping.


The sweets were very simple and easy to make: cupcakes, cake pops, meringue kisses (my new obsession), macarons, jello and candy.

I used some of my Christmas decor for this set up: silver snowflakes, silver cones, glitter branches. As you can tell my colour theme last year for Christmas was silver and blue 🙂 . I would highly suggest shopping in your storage area and see what you can come up with. I can guarantee you you’ll find something to go with a frozen birthday party.


The cake was an amazing piece by Roxy’s Designs. She did a wonderful job at getting the right colours and such a neat idea using a fish bowl as a topper!

And finally, the pictures of my 2 beautiful girls. They are the most amazing little girls. Kind hearted, joyful and full of love.


I apologize if I bombarded you with another frozen party, but let’s face it, it’s another phase our kids have to go through to get to the next craziness we’ll be dragged into!

Talk soon.

May xox



Styling, Set up and Desserts by Chocolata (me)

Printables by Chocolata (me)

Photography by Laurel Grace Photography

Cake by Roxy’s Designs

Macarons by L’Ange du Macaron

Milk bottles from Hoopla Events


P.S. Here’s a pic of me and my sisters (and my mommy)