Happy New Year! I hope you’ve had a wonderful start to your 2015!

I wanted to open up the year with something a little different than a sweet table 🙂

Some of you may know that I come from a big family. Like three sisters and two brothers, big family. We are a very tight knit bunch.  It’s crazy how tight knit: we have our own conversation on an instant messaging group, and we call our mother every day, without fail. All six of us! All thanks to my parents that always taught us to be a united family. I wanted to style a photoshoot with them, but I didn’t want the typical family portrait. I wanted something glamorous, Hollywood and something worthy of a magazine cover.

I contacted my long time friend Marcelle, who is now a photographer. She’s known me and my siblings for well over 20 years, so who better than to take the shots than her. She’s the girl behind MK Photography, who is a self taught photographer with experience in event management and marketing. She’s taken her love for photography and added her spin to it. Wether it be weddings, engagements or portraits, she just adds her laid back and fun personality to her shoots. Let me tell you that she was cool, calm and collected with the chaos that is my family 🙂

This is what Marcelle had to say about our collaboration:

“I admire May’s work and was looking forward to working with her. So when she approached me how could I refuse?!

This collaboration was not only fun and well thought out, it was inspiring for many reasons: 1) I love May’s work and work ethic. It was great to collaborate with such a professional. 2) I mean, not only is this a beautiful looking family (seriously folks, it’s almost sickening) but they are as beautiful inside as they are to look at! The theme totally suited their personalities 🙂 The shoot was so much fun, it literally flew by! 3) It was great to catch up with old (very old) friends and a true gift.

To wrap this up, it was an incredible honour to be a part of this project. Hopefully, this is only the start of a prosperous partnership.” – Marcelle Kimberley, Photographie MK Photography

I challenged her a little by getting her to do this shoot for me. But she has come through tenfold! Just take a look for yourselves.

Houri family 3_MK

Houri - Family - 4

Ok, so I did have a “small” sweet table included 😉 (more on that soon, so stay tuned!)

Houri family 2_MK

Here are some with our little ones in on the fun:

Houri Fam - 1


And of course we had to add confetti!

Houri Family - 6


xo May