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[:en]This month marks 7 years that I’ve been in business. 7 years of good luck is what I’m calling it. Where do I begin to tell you the knowledge and capabilities that I have acquired over these past 7 years.

As a lot of you may know, I began my journey while I was on maternity leave with my youngest, Mayson. My sister in law sent me a blog post about cake pops while I was pregnant and I found that this was the time to perfect them!

I soon found out that I wanted more out of my business. So here I am today, 7 years of good luck later, with a thriving company creating sweet moments!

It’s more than luck, really. I feel blessed and grateful for the opportunities that were presented to me, the people that I have met along the way and the growth that I attained personally.

It’s not easy running a business and raising kids. You’ve got to be on your game. Sometimes, you have your ego telling you one thing but your gut saying something different. What I’ve learned is to listen to my gut. Always!

My kids have been my biggest cheerleaders. Now they’re more involved with what I do. I’ve taught them to bake, how to plan and even how to set up a sweet table. I keep telling them that they’ve already got an extensive resume when they go out looking for a job lol.

But most importantly, what I’ve learned, is community over competition. The amount of friends I’ve made in the baking community is huge! It’s a group of friends that when we need something, we are there for each other. Dont’ get me wrong, competition is good for your business. But it has to be a healthy, goal oriented type of competition. Not the jealousy and resentment type. Believe me, I’ve been there and I can tell you it gets you no where real fast. As this blogger, Davey Jones from Rising Tide  puts it:

“One of the best ways to live out community over competition is to practice gratitude. When we’re thankful, we’re not fearful. And when we’re not fearful, we’re not insecure. When we’re thankful, we’re full, and we share that spirit of abundance with others (David Steindl-Rast says this more eloquently.)”

In conclusion, have no fear. Do the thing you’ve always wanted to do. Go for the goal. You’ll be happier that you did!

Here are some of my past and present sweet tables that I’ve done. Oh my, have I grown as a stylist and as a baker ☺️

a star is born sweet table, red black and gold baby shower, montreal sweet table

One of my very first sweet tables!

My sister’s baby shower so many moons ago 2013

wedding sweet table montreal

Then came my very first styled shoot: styled by me, cake by Roxy’s Design, Florals by Fleurs et Sense, Photography by Laurel Grace Photography

sweet table montreal, dessert buffet laval

And now they’re more like these! Styling and desserts by me, Cake by Petit Lapin, Florals by Alain Simon, Photography by Sarah Myriam

copper black sweet table

Photography by Grace De Castro

montreal weddings, montreal sweet table

Photography by Ramy Raphael

rustic sweet table, montreal dessert table, montreal desserts

Styling by me, Rentals from Les Causseuses, Cake topper by Creations by Jazzmine Rose, Photography by Lana Nimmons

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my earlier work. Comment below and let me know any of your favorite sweet tables that I’ve done in the past!

Until the next table, stay sweet!