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How to style a sweet table – creating a backdrop

How to style a sweet table – creating a backdrop

I hope you enjoyed reading my first instalment on « How to style a sweet table » . I’m constantly thinking of new themes to come up with for upcoming shoots and events. My brain is constantly running :). If it’s all so new to you, start off with a colour palette. Those make a great theme no matter who the party is for.

The next thing you’re going to want to do is decide on the backdrop to your table. I find that a backdrop will add more character and emphasize your theme. There are so many ideas for backdrops, its crazy. If you follow my blog and the tables that i’ve created, you’ll see that I don’t shy away from the bold and unique. And they don’t have to cost a lot either. The most I’ve spent on a backdrop was $20. And that’s having it printed at Costco. (Yes, Costco is a life saver for so many things!)

Here is the Monster High Backdrop that was printed as poster size format:

I found this world map on Instagram while scrolling through my feed. I had to have it for the baby shower theme » Welcome to the World » I was creating for my sister. I spiced it up with some pin wheels. One very simple DIY, but time consuming.

For Valentine’s Day, I created a backdrop with paper rosettes and roses. That actually took a lot of time to make. If you want to go the DIY route, I highly suggest in preplanning. You want to know what you’re going to create and give yourself about a week leeway time. You never know what will come up and if it will end up the way you want it. This way, if you don’t like the outcome, you still have time to create or buy something else.

But my favorite spot to create a sweet table is outside. What better backdrop then the ocean, woods or city scape to add character to your sweet table!

My wedding styled photo shoot was right in my backyard. I loved the fact that I used the woods right outside my door to create a wimsical feel.

There are so many ways to create something unique and sweet for your table. A striking backdrop is the perfect element to incorporate your creativeness (as per my idol Amy Atlas). Why not show it off with a spectacular backdrop to go with your theme!

Until the next table, stay sweet 🙂


Arabian Night Theme Sweet Table

This past January, I took part in a bridal show, setting up a sweet table showcasing to brides to be. I didn’t want to go with the usual flower and vintage theme. Thank God I didn’t, cause pretty much everyone in that place had some sort of decor to that theme. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful theme and one that I would love to create. But in a sea of vendors that are going after the same customers, I wanted to stand out. I wanted to catch their eye and I wanted them to see what I could create with any theme!

My parents are very proud to be Lebanese and Syrian, but are very thankful they immigrated to Canada in the 70’s seeking a better life to start their family. They were my inspiration and go to for info and decor for this theme. I wanted to show an authenticity to the table as well. A lot of my decor items I borrowed from my parents home, some dating back to the 70’s, brought back as keepsakes. My colour palette was simple. I went with Pantone’s colour of the year Orchid and combined that with gold.


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Pink Champagne Sweet Table

My very first styled sweet table I created, I went with the colours blush and champagne, going for the romantic wedding look.


I had a great group of women that took part in this: my flower lady Fleur&Sense, my cake girl Roxy’s Design, and my photographer Laurel Grace Photography.

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