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Nautical Theme Sweet Table

Nautical Theme Sweet Table

This past January I finally got the chance to create a Nautical themed sweet table. You have no idea how excited I was! I don’t create many boy themed parties. Most of my requests are for girl themed/ color sweet tables.

What comes next when you have a new table set up to do? Shopping, of course! I found some really cool table decor at Michael’s (who wouldn’t). I got to spend some time roaming the aisles of my favorite craft store 🙂 .

I also found another store that carries themed home decor at a mall near my house. They had so many Nautical themed items, I was so happy! My bank account… not so much.

I purchased some DIY items, like the light house I painted. I added some shells and sand in glass bottles. This was by far an easy table to set up. I added cupcakes, cake pops, macarons and sugar cookies all in the theme colors.


The cake was made by a friend of the family. I think she did an amazing job! She captured all the little details of the theme 🙂

nautical sweet table, blue and red sweet table, sweet table montreal





















nautical sweet table, montreal sweet table











Until the next table, stay sweet 🙂





Styling and desserts by Chocolata – Sweets | Styling | Events

Photography by Grace de Castro Photography

Cake by Shazia Khan

Framed backdrop by Dima Designz

Banner by Ian and Lola Designs

How to style a sweet table – creating a backdrop

How to style a sweet table – creating a backdrop

I hope you enjoyed reading my first instalment on “How to style a sweet table” . I’m constantly thinking of new themes to come up with for upcoming shoots and events. My brain is constantly running :). If it’s all so new to you, start off with a colour palette. Those make a great theme no matter who the party is for.

The next thing you’re going to want to do is decide on the backdrop to your table. I find that a backdrop will add more character and emphasize your theme. There are so many ideas for backdrops, its crazy. If you follow my blog and the tables that i’ve created, you’ll see that I don’t shy away from the bold and unique. And they don’t have to cost a lot either. The most I’ve spent on a backdrop was $20. And that’s having it printed at Costco. (Yes, Costco is a life saver for so many things!)

Here is the Monster High Backdrop that was printed as poster size format:

I found this world map on Instagram while scrolling through my feed. I had to have it for the baby shower theme” Welcome to the World” I was creating for my sister. I spiced it up with some pin wheels. One very simple DIY, but time consuming.

For Valentine’s Day, I created a backdrop with paper rosettes and roses. That actually took a lot of time to make. If you want to go the DIY route, I highly suggest in preplanning. You want to know what you’re going to create and give yourself about a week leeway time. You never know what will come up and if it will end up the way you want it. This way, if you don’t like the outcome, you still have time to create or buy something else.

But my favorite spot to create a sweet table is outside. What better backdrop then the ocean, woods or city scape to add character to your sweet table!

My wedding styled photo shoot was right in my backyard. I loved the fact that I used the woods right outside my door to create a wimsical feel.

There are so many ways to create something unique and sweet for your table. A striking backdrop is the perfect element to incorporate your creativeness (as per my idol Amy Atlas). Why not show it off with a spectacular backdrop to go with your theme!

Until the next table, stay sweet 🙂


How to style a sweet table – Choosing a theme

How to style a sweet table – Choosing a theme

I wanted to start a new series in my blog, teaching you all about the fundamentals of a sweet table: how to style a sweet table. I’ve been creating them for about 2 years now, but they’ve been all the rage for far longer. It all started with Amy Atlas and just took off from there.

What it is, it’s about combining a theme and desserts and adding your style to it. Be it with decor items, printables, a really cool backdrop or super fancy cake stands. It’s all about getting creative with the theme in mind. And don’t be scared in being creative with your theme.

Once you’ve got your budget set and venue picked out, it’s time to pick out your theme. There are several ways you an do this. I’ve styled sweet tables by choosing a colour theme.

Here I went with my logo colours pink and brown.


Another theme to go with would be a holiday: Halloween



Or with your favorite children’s book: The Paper Bag Princess



Baby shower sweet tables are so much fun to create once you have a theme. My sister’s baby shower was a “Welcome to the World” Theme, all about travel.



Any theme that you choose, should be something that inspires you. It’s a great opportunity to try something different and to let your creative self go!

Remember that your budget might take a beating as you plan your table, so try to stick to your guns and work with what you have. I can guarantee you that it will turn out just as good as you imagined it, maybe even better!

Come back next time for the next instalment in my series on how to create a sweet table!



Welcome to Chocolata part 2 –  Giveaway

Welcome to Chocolata part 2 – Giveaway

Thank you to all that entered the giveaway for the “Mini Party in a Box”. The response was great and i look forward to seeing all the beautiful tables that will be created using the themes.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, Etsy was a big help during my rebranding. So that’s why this week I’m giving away a $25 gift card to Etsy.

The amount of talent found on this site is incredible. So many small businesses and small shop owners, creating all kinds of amazing and unique things.

Here are a few that I used:

GoldenFox Design
GoldenFox Design






JM Design
JM Design





Go ahead and enter for you chance to win! Good Luck!

*please note that the prize can not be exchanged for cash or any other item.

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Easter Egg Decorating Party

Easter Egg Decorating Party

We can’t wait for Spring! We’ve been cooped up in the house most of the time because of the dreadful cold.  My family and I are really excited for Spring because Easter is one of our favourite holidays. I love having the family together for our Easter brunch and annual egg hunt.
To get a head start on our eggs for the hunt, I decided to get the kids together for an Easter egg decorating party! They were especially excited because they got to dip their eggs in dyed water . It was really cute to watch their faces, as the eggs were changing colours.
I set up a sweet table for them as well, because what’s a party without the desserts! I chose to go with a lavender and mint colour pallet with accents of yellow, pink and blue. There was a few DIY on the table like the painted mason jars to match, printed bunny ears on the
milk bottles and the cute bunny in a nest in the cake platter with a glass dome.
The desserts I added were the popular ones that kids always ask for: cake pops, cupcakes, macarons and of course candy!
My favourite part of this table were the egg shaped sugar cookies that I put in egg cups. I mixed food colouring with some lemon extract to be able to create a water colour effect on the cookies. Just adorable!

I hope you’ll be able to use some of these ideas on your table for Easter brunch with your family.

Until the next table, stay sweet. xox



Styling, set up and Desserts by Petits Plaisirs Chocolata Treats
Photography by Petits Plaisirs Chocolata Treats

Sugar Shack Sweet Table

Sugar Shack Sweet Table

It’s that time of year again, when we all flock to our favourite Sugar Shack (Cabane a Sucre) and indulge in anything and everything maple. In Quebec, it’s been a long standing tradition towards the end of the winter thaw, to collect the sap from the trees and create the best tasting syrup! What better way to celebrate then with a sweet table full of maple induced desserts!

In my latest sweet table, I take on tradition and create a beautiful setting wether for a wedding happening at the sugar shack or that family gathering we so often look forward to during this time of year. It’s all about goodness, family gatherings and that endless supply of food and sweets.

I urge you to take your little ones this year and revel in the goodness that is maple!

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Kate Spade Inspired 30th Birthday

Kate Spade Inspired 30th Birthday

For those that know me, know that I’m in love with Kate Spade and her use of bold colours and patterns. She’s my hero and “inspiration” when I style a lot of my tables. So I asked my sister in law, Erin if I can use her and her friends for my Kate Spade Inspired party styled shoot. It was perfect, as she was turning 30 and her friends just opened up their own boutique salon in the heart of Ottawa. These girls have been friends forever, so it was truly fitting to style a shoot that embodies class, style and women entrepreneurship. As new owners, they are passionate about the culture and brand that Rinaldo, their salon, holds. They truly hope to inspire people which will allow them to inspire others.

If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.

The salon is beautiful! With its crisp white walls and great lighting, I didn’t have to do much to bring out the uniqueness of the salon. I kept the colour pallet bold: Fuchsia, Black, White and Gold with the stripes and polka dot patterns. I set up a dinner table for 4, using their colour station. The DJ was perfectly placed just down the table, spinning music creating a welcoming atmosphere. And the sweet table was placed on their mantel, that hung beautiful and inspiring sayings for their customers.

My most excited moment is when I rounded up my team along with the girls of Rinaldo. I was looking for fresh, newcomers, women entrepreneurs, that had the same spirit and drive that I do. It was a great collaboration between Montreal and Ottawa, gaining experience and creating new friendships. All these women inspiring each other was just the icing on the cake! Speaking of cake, Cynthia from Joli Gateau did a beautiful job combining the bold colours and patterns that I love. The cupcakes from Kiki’s Creations went perfectly together, with their fuchsia icing. I created the rest of the desserts, adding patterns to the sugar cookies but keeping the cake pops on the lighter side.

The table setting was my “piece de resistance”: the flowers, the striped table cloth and the boxed macarons as the favors, the black candles, polka dot plates and bow tie napkins. Can you say Classy and Chic!

Grace from Grace De Castro Photography captured everything so perfectly! I’m so happy with the way this shoot turned out and I hope that my sister in law and her friends are as well. Cheers to new adventures and new beginnings!

Until the next sweet table! May xox Vendors Sweet, Styling and Set Up by Chocolata Photography by Grace De Castro Photography Cake by Joli Gateau Cupcakes by Kiki’s Creations Venue at Rinaldo Hair Designers & Spa Landsdowne Hair by Saly Mak-Sayaphet

Valentine’s Day Sweet Table – Love Story

This styled Valentine’s Day sweet table was beyond my expectations. The background to this table was set up at the very up and coming restaurant called Clover Food Drink. It’s the newest restaurant to open in the Ottawa area, serving locally sourced and organic food. It’s been receiving rave reviews with it’s attentive service, honest food and simple and humble surrounding. I had the honour of meeting West, chef and owner, and I was touched by her advice and support for a fellow entrepreneur.

Love was truly in the air when I asked my sister in law Erin, and her boyfriend Jansen to take part in this shoot. No acting here. They showed their true love for each other. We set up a table for 2 in an alcove, right at the front of the restaurant, giving it that much needed privacy. Love how we were able to capture the restaurant’s logo in the background!

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Family Rules – Magazine Style Photo Shoot

Family Rules – Magazine Style Photo Shoot

Happy New Year! I hope you’ve had a wonderful start to your 2015!

I wanted to open up the year with something a little different than a sweet table 🙂

Some of you may know that I come from a big family. Like three sisters and two brothers, big family. We are a very tight knit bunch.  It’s crazy how tight knit: we have our own conversation on an instant messaging group, and we call our mother every day, without fail. All six of us! All thanks to my parents that always taught us to be a united family. I wanted to style a photoshoot with them, but I didn’t want the typical family portrait. I wanted something glamorous, Hollywood and something worthy of a magazine cover.

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