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Romantic White and Gold Wedding Sweet Table

Romantic White and Gold Wedding Sweet Table

Romantic White and Gold

This summer has been filled with white and gold sweet tables! But the sweet table I styled a few weeks ago was actually one of my most popular to date! It’s a romantic white and gold wedding sweet table. Soft and pretty, delicate and gorgeous all at the same time. I was surrounded by so much white I thought I was in heaven! All vendors that took part in setting up for this wedding are pros in their own right in the Montreal wedding industry.

white, gold, sweet table, montreal


The Bride is a good client of mine. I’ve done several cakes and desserts for her celebrations and I was super excited to create a unique and beautiful sweet table.

She was also celebrating her son’s baptismal, so I was happy to add a small cake for him as well. His has a super cute cake topper made by Sorayda from Creations by Jazzmine Rose.

I used some really pretty gold and white boxes to go with the theme. A quick tip: boxes offer you height and dimension on your table. Don’t be afraid of height. A lot of my clients want a full table and when they show me pictures, the table looks crowded and cluttered. With boxes, you get a seamless effect without the crowding.

white gold wedding sweet table, montreal cakes

white, gold, sweet table, montreal, romantic, wedding

Wedding Sweet Table Desserts

I had the chance to be more creative with the desserts on this table. I created cookie towers, a macarons tower, a croquembouche and some pretty glittery cake pops.

white and gold wedding sweet table

Eat More Cake!

And who says you only need one cake to celebrate your nuptials with your family and friends!

white and gold wedding sweet table

Final Touches

And the piece de resistance is the way the venue was set up! It was absolutely magical in there, I didn’t want to leave “sigh”. I’m so happy that my client got the wedding of her dreams!

white gold wedding sweet table, montreal, cakes

white gold wedding sweet table, montreal sweet table, dessert table


Congratulations to the beautiful couple! I wish them a lifetime of happiness and joy!

I hope that I was able to inspire you with another take on using White an Gold in your event and sweet table.

Until the next table, stay sweet!





Sweet table styling, desserts and photography by Chocolata

Venue PB Banquet Hall 

Floral Design by Aura Design

Rentals and Venue Set up by Festi Fete/ Diva Locations

Glam Baby Shower Sweet Table

Glam Baby Shower Sweet Table

Baby Bash!

A few weeks ago I got to set up the most glam of baby shower sweet tables. It was a Baby Bash for a lovely couple expecting their first baby. I met with the mommy-to-be and her Mommy to discuss the upcoming celebration. They are such a beautiful family! Easy going and just wanted everyone to have a good time.

They decided on a trendy theme: Black, White and Gold, dînatoire style menu: cocktail service and a sweet table to finish it off! This baby shower is on trend!

This was not your typical blue or pink set up and party. This was sophistication and glam all rolled up with their very own cocktail drink.

baby shower sweet table, dessert table

The Desserts!

There was a variety of desserts to please even the not so sweet tooth. I typically add 3 types of desserts per person on my sweet tables so that each person can taste at least one dessert and that there are enough for everyone. Some might think it’s too much, but in the end my clients always tell me that there was just enough.

For this baby bash we did 5 types with different flavours. I made glitter and gold cake pops, chocolate pretzel sticks, mini cupcakes, oreo gems and dessert shots: tiramisu and cheesecake mousse. YUMMY!

The Cake:

Sequins Gold Tier… Need I say more!

The Final Details:

The rest, as they say, is in the details 🙂 Straws with bow ties, baby topper and water bottle wraps to match the invitation, to match the invitation, and lots of candy to much on when the desserts were all eaten lol. I love how detailed the parents and grandparents were. They made sure that the guests were there to have a good time and left with a full stomach.

paper straws, sweet table, dessert table

water bottle wrap, sweet table, montreal, quebec

gold frame, gold cake pops, mini cupcakes


I hope that I’ve been able to inspire you for your next event. Remember that you don’t always have to go with what the crowd is telling you to do. Go with your vibe and your likes. That’s the only way to stand out from the crowd!

Until the next table, stay sweet!





Styling, desserts, photography by Chocolata

Cake topper by Creations by Jazzmine Rose

Bottle wrap and invitation by client

Trendy Gold and White Sweet Table

Trendy Gold and White Sweet Table

I finally get to show off that trendy gold and white sweet table I worked on in collaboration with Marie from MA Signature Events this past May. She brought together some of the best in the industry to create a seamless and sophisticated styled shoot. It was such an experience, being able to set up in an art studio, the Le Livart. You literally have a blank canvas, all white walls you can play with! It was so much fun being able to see my creation come to life amidst this white backdrop.

I was given carte Blanche (pun intended) to do as I pleased so long as I created something within the elements of the styled shoot: mercury gold, paper flowers, white, trendy and stunning 🙂 I think I was able to capture the essence she wanted!

I asked Marie to share with us a brief description behind her concept and this is what she had to say:

“I wanted to manipulate white in different elements to bring more of the immaculate whiteness of the venue. But I didn’t want it to be uni-dimensional, so we played with various textures and styles to create an interesting visual. By combining modern, vintage, metal, paper , gold and white, we were able to create an eclectic but stunning decor!”

With that being said, here are the pictures of the shoot taken by the very talented Mo from Maurice Keiffer Wedding Photography

A Splash of Gold

gold white, sweet table, dessert table

The desserts were all white with some speckles of gold to give that mercury gold effect!

Mo was able to use the art studio to his advantage taking different shots from different angles, giving the table a new few each time.

gold and white sweet table

Eat Cake for Breakfast

As the famous saying goes, who wouldn’t want cake for breakfast! I especially (don’t judge me) love a piece of cake the day after the party…for breakfast…with my first cup of coffee…Delicious! The best part of these cakes are the paper flowers I used to decorate them with. Marie did a phenomenal job making so many for the shoot.


gold and white sweet table, montreal sweet table

gold and white sweet table, paper flowers on cake

gold white sweet table

Dinner is served!

As for the dinner table setting, it couldn’t get more elegant than this. All crisp white paper flowers with gold touches to bring out that romantic feel, yet this can be set up for a cozy winter wedding or a summer soiree. Gold and white has always been and will always be a dream color theme to work with. It’s royalty, elegance (sorry for the repeat) and sophistication all rolled up in a beautiful ball!

gold and white sweet table

Marie and her lovely assistants made the floral backdrop. It took them some time but they managed to get it done. How pretty are these sitting on the mantle!

gold and white sweet table

And you guys! You’re going to freak out when you see how Mademoiselle D created the menu cards!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the eye candy as much I enjoyed this collaboration! This trendy gold and white is here to stay and I’m happy to say that I’ve done multiple tables within this very theme 🙂

Until the next table, stay sweet!




Concept and design : M.A. Signature Events
Photographer: Maurice Kieffer
Sweet table and design: May Houri
Venue: Le Livart
Rentals: Location Gervais
Tables and chairs;
Custom menu card: Mademoiselle D
Sophisti’CAT’ed Glam Birthday Sweet Table

Sophisti’CAT’ed Glam Birthday Sweet Table

An upscale Cat Glam Sweet Table

A few weeks ago, we had my daughter’s 8th birthday party. Let me tell you that this little girl has been planning this party for a better part of a year but really focusing on the details in the last 6 months. She loves cats! So I convinced her to have a glam cat party. I didn’t want her to go the baby route (this party is as much for me 🙂 as it is for her), so we came up with a “Sphisti’CAT”ed Glam Birthday”.

The color palette, you guessed it :), was gold, black and white. There was some glitter and sequins to make things pop!

glam sweet table, sweet table, montreal sweet table, laval sweet table















The Details

My good friend Sorayda from Creations by Jazzmine Rose made all the cute cat details: wall banner, favour bags, juice bottle picks. The kids loved them!

The Desserts!

The cake you see is a fake one (oh my!). Fake! My Madalayne hates cake. I know shocking right. Her mom is a baker and she doesn’t like cake… That is why she opted for cupcakes. We had to negotiate lol. So I made cupcakes and a fake cake. My sweet tables always act as favours as well. I try to make things that the kids would love to bring home. I’m sure parents are sneaking some of the goodies when they’re not looking 🙂

montreal sweet table, montreal table sucree







The Birthday Girl

Another reason I use their parties are for pictures. When I scroll through the pictures of sweet tables I’ve done for them over the years, I see the changes. They’re growing up so fast! They are the best part of me and I love them so much! These styled sweet tables are a reminder for me that I do what I do for them and for me.

I hope that Ive been able to give you some tips on creating your own glam sweet table.

Until the next table, stay sweet!





Sweet table styling, desserts, photography by Chocolata – Sweets, Styling, Events

Banner, backdrop, favour bags by Creations by Jazzmine Rose

Sister Squad T-Shirts from The Children’s Place


Kitty Cat Sweet Table Birthday Party

Kitty Cat Sweet Table Birthday Party

This past weekend I created a beautiful sweet table for a little one turning 2. The mama didn’t go with anything mainstream, but with something cute and cuddly: Kitty cats! Let me tell you that this was a favorite in our house this week. Because it’s a theme I haven’t worked with before, I went on a pinterest/ google mission to find ideas to create a table that the birthday celebrant would love. This was such a sweet theme, a kitty cat sweet table for all ages to enjoy!

kitty cat party

The Decorations

I’m always looking to add fun and unique ideas to my sweet tables. No surprise, when the mama showed me some cute balloons that she wanted to add to the table. Those of course are courtesy of Pinterest. The person that came up with adding cat ears to the balloons was genius! They totally set the tone to the table.

I recruited my friends from Lace and Ribbons Events for the printables and Creations by Jazzmine Rose for the banner, cake and cupcake toppers.  They did such an amazing job for something so last minute!

I also added flowers, yarn balls and honeycomb balls to give it some pop of color!


As for the desserts, I worked with the colors pink, light teal, gold and ivory. I made cake pops, dessert shots, cupcakes, pretzel sticks, donuts (yummy!!) and sugar cookies.

I hope you enjoyed a little piece of cat heaven today 🙂

Until the next table, stay sweet!




Sweets, Styling, Photography by Chocolata

Printables by Lace and Ribbons Events

Banner and toppers by Creations by Jazzmine Rose

Popcorn cones from Delia Create

New Year New Look

Good Morning! As you may have seen from some of my posts on Facebook and Instagram, I’ve updated my profile picture. I decided to update my look, but with a twist. I didn’t want to go the traditional route, where i took a pic of my face and that’s it. I did what I do best…I created a theme around my shoot 🙂 !

She’s Building her Empire!

I used the motto and mantra that I have posted everywhere around me. I found this beautiful quote from a Canadian artist on Instagram. Loved it so much I bought it from her etsy shop. I have it hung in my office for me to see everyday as I build my sweet table empire!

The sweet table I created reflected the new color trend of copper with bright bold colours in my floral arrangements. I had so much fun with this shoot! Here I am cheering to my success and continued growth, knowing that everyday is better than the next!

I love what I do! I “create sweet moments” for my clients to cherish for years to come, helping them celebrate an important milestone in their life. What is better than having your cake and eating it too!

Here are some of the pictures taken that day:

copper sweet table, Montreal sweet table

I also made Monogram cake pops!



Until the next table, stay sweet!




Photography by Grace de Castro Photography
Make Up by Maissa Houri-Charron
Printable She’s building her empire by Dayna Lee Collections
Sweet Table Styling and Desserts by Chocolata – Sweets| Styling | Events

Sweet Endings: New Years Eve Dessert Table

Sweet Endings: New Years Eve Dessert Table

It’s finally her! The end of 2016. This year has been one amazing journey! So many wonderful things happened this year, I met so many wonderful people and got to see my little company flourish with all the love I was able to give it. For my last post of the year, I created a simple yet elegant New YEar’s Eve dessert table that you can recreate yourself for your loved ones. It’s a champagne-slash-desert bar! Pretty amazing combining two of my favorite things!

Ring in the New Year!

I love intimate gatherings, having friends over. Especially for a special occasion like NYE. For this set up, I used my buffet table. Since we will be having a dinatoire (a fancy word for cocktail party :)), I wanted a similar idea for my dessert table as we count down to midnight.

new years eve sweet table


As you can tell, my color palette is my usual got to for any celebration: gold and black. Come on, who doesn’t LOVE this combo!? I kept the dessert selection simple, cake pops and cupcakes. But of course, you can add more types like cookies, macarons, dessert shots, etc. I want everyone to have fun with a drink in their hand.

Let’s talk about this banner! This is a mix of Target, Dollar Store and Home Sense all mixed together. Isn’t it pretty!

NYE banner


The last touch to this table would be the champagne and flutes. I bought these pretty flutes from HomeSense. I adore them! They are so different, so unique and so me! More champagne… Yes please!

New Year’s Eve Dessert Table

Thank you so much for reading up on my blog posts, learning all about sweet tables and desserts. I hope that you’ll join me in 2017 for more tables and celebrations. On that note, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! May all of you be blessed with love, happiness, good health and a beautiful beginning to 2017!

Until the next table, stay sweet!




Sweet Table styling, desserts, photography by Chocolata – Sweets, Styling, Events