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Creative Ways to Deck out your Holiday Dessert Table

Creative Ways to Deck out your Holiday Dessert Table

Deck out your Holiday Dessert Table

It’s already that time of year! Christmas Season! Ok, maybe for our friends in the US it happens on Friday, but we here in Canada are already in the spirit. Last year I showed you some pretty awesome dessert table set ups in different colours and textures.  You can find them here and here. This year, I’d like to share with you some creative ways to deck out your holiday dessert table.

This was a table I did a few years ago for the Magazine Vision Jeunesse located in Quebec. We went with the typical Christmas colours: red, green, brown and ivory. (Spoiler alert: I created 2 other tables this year with the same colour theme but completely different, yet repurposing some of the decorations. Will be up on the blog in a couple of weeks!)

Creative Ways

To be creative means using what you have on hand sometimes.  So I took out my Christmas decor a little early (as this is taking place a few months before Christmas is even on the radar) and went to work.

Its simple really! Some ornaments, gift boxes, any flashy decoration you have on hand like nutcrackers, gift boxes and glitter trees. I LOVE GLITTER TREES! Although you get glitter pretty much everywhere, it still so pretty on the dessert table.

I used some fake snow and added that to the bottom of some apothecary jars I had and haphazardly placed some ornaments in it. Also, I had some plastic juice/ milk bottles. I made them into little snowmen with a mini donut as a top hat. SOOOO CUTE!

Now comes Desserts!

For the desserts, I went pretty simple. Cupcakes, cake pops, sugar cookies decorated with Santa boots and verrines. Verrrines are single serve dessert cups. I’ve done mousses, trifles, fruit and English cream, tiramisu (my absolute favourite) and so many more. I would recommend getting a pasty shop to create your cake. You don’t want to have too much on your plate, setting up for the holidays.

Christmas ornaments, Christmas desserts, holiday dessert table


holiday dessert table, Christmas dessert table, Montreal dessert catering


Christmas Dessert Table, holiday dessert table, Montreal dessert catering


Christmas Dessert Table, holiday dessert table

Christmas Dessert Table, holiday dessert table


Christmas Dessert Table, holiday dessert table


Christmas Dessert Table, holiday dessert table


Holiday Christmas Dessert Table, Montreal dessert catering


Until the next table, stay sweet!





Photography by Patrick Hébert Photographe
Sweet Table concept and design by Chocolata
For the Magazine Magazine Vision Jeunesse
Crochet Wear by Anzhelika Crochet

Black Red Purple sweet table

Black Red Purple sweet table

I’m finally, after almost a year, posting about the time I threw myself an epic birthday party! It was a black, red and purple sweet table celebration and I could not have planned it better! It was an epic celebration. The guest list was a plenty and the wine was a flowing! It was my 40th birthday party!

My birthday is on Christmas Day. Yes, the best day of the year… yet I get set aside when that day comes. So for my 40th last year, I decided to celebrate early. December 2nd (2017) early lol.

I had been planning this party for almost a year. No one else was going to plan this thing. My husband was all on it, but I had expectations. He got to DJ and introduce our sister company that night, Soundbox. The party was going to be rocking with good food, good music and a glammed up venue. Even more, I made sure that my guests came dressed to impress!

Because I had made so many contacts in the event industry over the years, I was able to hire on some great people. The only stress was to really make sure that my family and friends had a good time.

Obviously being in the event industry, I introduced some great trends that night: round and rectangle tables. I absolutely love the rectangle tables. It made it so much linear and chicer. An absolutely gorgeous balloon backdrop for the sweet table done by Sorayda from Creations by Jazzime Rose. A kids section fully equipped with big screen tv and xbox. Sequins table cloths with some tables in satin. Acrylic name tags in lieu of table name cards. And SO MUCH MORE!

As you’ll get to see with the pictures, it was a night to remember. How would you celebrate a milestone? Tell me in the comments below, I’d love to know!

black red purple sweet table, purple sweet table, montreal sweet table

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Modern Christmas Sweet Table

Modern Christmas Sweet Table

Welcome back to our second inspiration sweet table for your holiday parties! If you read last week, I touched on the traditional colors of red and green to create a simple DIY sweet table for your party. This week we’re going to put away tradition and get on trend with everything metallic! Shades of silver and gold are your best friends this season. I’ll show you how to pair up these colors so that it doesn’t look like a strobe light is going off in your house when your guests walk in.

Jingle all the way!


Look how pretty it looks all together! Once again I used wrapping paper for the backdrop. I got this pretty one from Walmart. This roll was $5. I covered the wall the length of my table, or just about. My ornaments are from years past and my golden trees and reindeers are new. LOVE mixing old and new together. I feel like it gives the older items a whole new life.

Once you’re done with the sweet table, the tree cones and reindeer can be placed as a centrepiece in your living area or dining table. They are such great decorative pieces, functional for any room.

Lastly you get to add bling to your desserts! Don’t be afraid to you use toppers on your cupcakes and cake. I went with the metallic cupcake cups to give it more of a pop. I purchased mine here. But I’m sure any of your cake supplie stores have them.

A great modern piece to use on your table are these geometric candle holders. Geo is all the rage right now and can be incorporated into a modern and trendy sweet table like this one. I also scattered fake snow and ornaments to finish off the look.

sweet table montreal, cakes montreal

Don’t be afraid to try something new this holiday season! Leave a comment below and let me know what color combination you’re going with this year. I’d love to hear from you!

Until the next table, stay sweet!





P.S. I currently have a special going on for a Christmas inspired Party in a box that you can purchase for your christmas Party. Contact me today to book yours!

Easiest Christmas Dessert Table Set Up

Easiest Christmas Dessert Table Set Up

“Tis the season to be joyful and going crazy with shopping, cooking, entertaining and everything in between! I’ve come up with some simple and pretty dessert table set ups for your holiday parties either with family, friends or work. This week I’ll start with the first of the 3 that I created. This one is very traditional, going with green and red for a color palette.

Peace on Earth

christmas sweet table, montreal sweet table

Let’s start with the backdrop. This was such a simple and cost effective idea that anyone can do. I used wrapping paper I found at Michaels in their dollar bin. You really don’t need much. The rest can be used to wrap gifts with 🙂 I also borrowed a vintage looking window from a friend. It gave it that dimension I’m always looking for on a sweet table.

The rest of the decor are items I have from previous years decorations. You can use pine cones, candles, ornaments, lights. There are so many ideas out there if you just google it.

The desserts can either be made or bought. I love baking, so these are all home made. But don’t feel like you have to if you don’t have the time. Why not have your guests bring some of their favorites over and place them on your table. Just give them your colour palette and let them get creative!

I wish you a beautiful Christmas season and hope to see you next week for my second inspiration dessert table!





P.S. Ask us about our Party in a Box special. It’ll make your DIY that much more simpler and time saving!