Welcoming baby party – A blue and white sweet table

A welcoming baby party is another type of baby shower. This blue and white sweet table was created for baby Alexander to be able to introduce him to family members that did not get the chance to meet him after his birth.

I love anything that has to do with celebrating kids. Since starting my business, I’ve held some of the greatest parties for my kids. They work so hard all year. Why not give them something to look forward to.

This sweet table set up was all envisioned by my client. She sent me exactly what she wanted and, well, I executed it. I was able to incorporate some of her desserts into the set up. Traditional arabic desserts for when baby is born like: meghli, a traditional spice pudding prepared for the family when baby is born. Here’s a recipe for you to try! Please let me know if you do make it. I’d love to hear how you liked it!

Also, the new trend coming out of Australia for the last couple of years is the use of balloon garlands. You probably saw in my last post the one that I had made for my birthday. It gives the table so much depth and grandeur. I highly recommend having them. They are super fun and creative. You can have them as big as this one (they actually can get bigger) or just a small one like the one I created for my nieces 1st birthday last year.

Although baby was a bit tired, the family had a wonderful time celebrating his new life. A welcoming baby party is another excuse to have all your family members in one place at the same time. Sometimes it’s just easier for both mom and baby to get as much as the rest they need.

How did you celebrate your baby coming home? Please let me know in the comments below 🙂

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baby shower montreal, sweet table montreal, desserts montreal



Until the next table, stay sweet!




Vendor Credits:

Photography, Styling, Desserts by Chocolata

Balloon garland by Balloon Lounge

Rentals: tables and plinths from Event Boutique Mtl

Meghli and baklava provided by client

7 years of good luck

This month marks 7 years that I’ve been in business. 7 years of good luck is what I’m calling it. Where do I begin to tell you the knowledge and capabilities that I have acquired over these past 7 years.

As a lot of you may know, I began my journey while I was on maternity leave with my youngest, Mayson. My sister in law sent me a blog post about cake pops while I was pregnant and I found that this was the time to perfect them!

I soon found out that I wanted more out of my business. So here I am today, 7 years of good luck later, with a thriving company creating sweet moments!

It’s more than luck, really. I feel blessed and grateful for the opportunities that were presented to me, the people that I have met along the way and the growth that I attained personally.

It’s not easy running a business and raising kids. You’ve got to be on your game. Sometimes, you have your ego telling you one thing but your gut saying something different. What I’ve learned is to listen to my gut. Always!

My kids have been my biggest cheerleaders. Now they’re more involved with what I do. I’ve taught them to bake, how to plan and even how to set up a sweet table. I keep telling them that they’ve already got an extensive resume when they go out looking for a job lol.

But most importantly, what I’ve learned, is community over competition. The amount of friends I’ve made in the baking community is huge! It’s a group of friends that when we need something, we are there for each other. Dont’ get me wrong, competition is good for your business. But it has to be a healthy, goal oriented type of competition. Not the jealousy and resentment type. Believe me, I’ve been there and I can tell you it gets you no where real fast. As this blogger, Davey Jones from Rising Tide  puts it:

“One of the best ways to live out community over competition is to practice gratitude. When we’re thankful, we’re not fearful. And when we’re not fearful, we’re not insecure. When we’re thankful, we’re full, and we share that spirit of abundance with others (David Steindl-Rast says this more eloquently.)”

In conclusion, have no fear. Do the thing you’ve always wanted to do. Go for the goal. You’ll be happier that you did!

Here are some of my past and present sweet tables that I’ve done. Oh my, have I grown as a stylist and as a baker ☺️

a star is born sweet table, red black and gold baby shower, montreal sweet table
One of my very first sweet tables!


My sister’s baby shower so many moons ago 2013


wedding sweet table montreal
Then came my very first styled shoot: styled by me, cake by Roxy’s Design, Florals by Fleurs et Sense, Photography by Laurel Grace Photography


sweet table montreal, dessert buffet laval
And now they’re more like these! Styling and desserts by me, Cake by Petit Lapin, Florals by Alain Simon, Photography by Sarah Myriam


copper black sweet table
Photography by Grace De Castro


montreal weddings, montreal sweet table
Photography by Ramy Raphael


rustic sweet table, montreal dessert table, montreal desserts
Styling by me, Rentals from Les Causseuses, Cake topper by Creations by Jazzmine Rose, Photography by Lana Nimmons


I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my earlier work. Comment below and let me know any of your favorite sweet tables that I’ve done in the past!

Until the next table, stay sweet!





Black Red Purple sweet table

I’m finally, after almost a year, posting about the time I threw myself an epic birthday party! It was a black, red and purple sweet table celebration and I could not have planned it better! It was an epic celebration. The guest list was a plenty and the wine was a flowing! It was my 40th birthday party!

My birthday is on Christmas Day. Yes, the best day of the year… yet I get set aside when that day comes. So for my 40th last year, I decided to celebrate early. December 2nd (2017) early lol.

I had been planning this party for almost a year. No one else was going to plan this thing. My husband was all on it, but I had expectations. He got to DJ and introduce our sister company that night, Soundbox. The party was going to be rocking with good food, good music and a glammed up venue. Even more, I made sure that my guests came dressed to impress!

Because I had made so many contacts in the event industry over the years, I was able to hire on some great people. The only stress was to really make sure that my family and friends had a good time.

Obviously being in the event industry, I introduced some great trends that night: round and rectangle tables. I absolutely love the rectangle tables. It made it so much linear and chicer. An absolutely gorgeous balloon backdrop for the sweet table done by Sorayda from Creations by Jazzime Rose. A kids section fully equipped with big screen tv and xbox. Sequins table cloths with some tables in satin. Acrylic name tags in lieu of table name cards. And SO MUCH MORE!

As you’ll get to see with the pictures, it was a night to remember. How would you celebrate a milestone? Tell me in the comments below, I’d love to know!

black red purple sweet table, purple sweet table, montreal sweet table

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A Mint Green and White Baptism Sweet Table

It’s not always about weddings when it comes to having a sweet table. I created a mint green and white baptism sweet table this summer for the cutest little guy. The sweet table was placed as the centre of attention, before the small gathering of family and friends.

Dominic’s mom wanted to go with a rustic theme with added angel wings on desserts and rosaries on the chocolates. With all the rustic themes I’ve been doing these past few months,  I had all the necessary decor items to make this happen. The venue added the perfect backdrop as you’ll see in the pictures.

I think I’ve mastered the rustic, boho, chic feel for sweet tables.

For the sweet table I added cake pops with angel wings, mini cupcakes, macarons, sugar cookies decorated with crosses. I also added chocolates that were adorned with rosaries and wood crosses.

When you create a sweet table for a specific event, make sure that the elements added are in tune with what you’re celebrating. It makes for great pictures and memories.

Here are some great pictures from the event:

baptism sweet table, mint green and white, montreal desserts

Montreal dessert table, dessert catering, event planning

cupcakes montreal, cookies montreal

cake pops montreal, cupcakes montreal

montreal macarons, montreal chocolates, montreal cake pops

montreal dessert catering, montreal event planner, montreal cakes

baptism sweet table, montreal dessert catering, dessert table


And if you want to how the set up came together, you can watch the video on my youtube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe to keep up with my latests set ups and adventures in sweet table styling!

Until the next table, stay sweet!




Vendor Credit:

Sweet table styling, desserts and cake by Chocolata

Photography by Chocolata

Cake topper and wood sign by Creations by Jazzminerose

Large balloon from Balloon Lounge

Chocolates from Lelili Floral

Wood crosses from Cocco Designs

Venue Club de Golf Ste-Rose

Burgundy and Black Rustic Boho Chic Dessert Table

Fall is approaching and that means darker colours and cooler tones. This burgundy and black rustic boho chic dessert table will definitely be the talk of your event, wedding or baby shower.  Definitely my favourite colour scheme to be working with this year. I’ve done so much pink and gold, that this was a nice change.

I added some dusty rose, gold and greenery to make it all tie in together. My sweet table was design and styled for my booth at the 2018 Festival Coeur Boheme held at the Gare VIger in Montreal, QC.

I find that the rustic chic theme has taken on a whole new life, with more flowers, more greenery and most importantly imagination. So many new scenery is being used for the backdrop of peoples events like mountains, forests and back yards just to name a few.

My favourite part, besides the whole table, is the arch at the back with the hanging hexagon signs made by Jesk, a female run business just right outside of Montreal. As you can tell, I’m surrounded by a tribe full of amazing Women Entrepreneurs that are totally rocking it in the event industry!

Take a look at the beautiful pictures taken by another amazing lady boss, Lana Nimmons.


rustic sweet table, montreal dessert table, montreal desserts

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Baby Blue Rustic Baby Shower

When I first met Zeina, we hit it off right away. She’s sweet, calm, quiet and such a pleasure to work with. She commissioned me to plan the details for her first baby shower from start to finish. The parents to be had seen one of my instagram pictures, a styled shoot that I did a few months prior. She wanted a baby blue rustic baby shower. With elements of brown, Kraft and greenery.

The baby shower was held at Kaza Maza, a quaint middle eastern restaurant with a rustic feel. This was the perfect setting for the baby shower. The food is authentic and amazing. The chef studied in Lebanon and was able to bring that feel into his dishes.

I used greenery and baby shower elements to adorn the tables. Cute little soap favours were placed on the plates for each guest to take home. The floral centrepieces were so simple yet elegant, baby’s breath and blue hydrangeas, done up by Lelili Floral

The whole event was pure bliss and the mama-to-be was happy and looked beautiful in her flora dress. Take a peek at the beautiful pictures taken by Audrey Boivin Photography

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A Stylish Bar Cart for New year’s Eve

Another year has passed and as I reflect upon 2017, I’m going to sound like all the other blog posts out there – “I feel blessed and am truly thankful for what the year has brought!”. It really has been an amazing year. Finding my rhythm, my squad and creating lasting friendships and mentorships with fellow mom bosses and ladypreneurs! One way I’m celebrating this year is by setting up a stylish bar cart to toast me and my family into the new year. I’ve added all of our favorite drinks so that no one feels left out 🙂

Wine Essentials

My favorite drink would be wine. A really good red does the job. But a white can be just as tasty! For my birthday I received this beautiful rose gold bottle of Bottega.

bar cart montreal

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Romantic White and Gold Wedding Sweet Table

Romantic White and Gold

This summer has been filled with white and gold sweet tables! But the sweet table I styled a few weeks ago was actually one of my most popular to date! It’s a romantic white and gold wedding sweet table. Soft and pretty, delicate and gorgeous all at the same time. I was surrounded by so much white I thought I was in heaven! All vendors that took part in setting up for this wedding are pros in their own right in the Montreal wedding industry.

white, gold, sweet table, montreal

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Glam Baby Shower Sweet Table

Baby Bash!

A few weeks ago I got to set up the most glam of baby shower sweet tables. It was a Baby Bash for a lovely couple expecting their first baby. I met with the mommy-to-be and her Mommy to discuss the upcoming celebration. They are such a beautiful family! Easy going and just wanted everyone to have a good time.

They decided on a trendy theme: Black, White and Gold, dînatoire style menu: cocktail service and a sweet table to finish it off! This baby shower is on trend!

This was not your typical blue or pink set up and party. This was sophistication and glam all rolled up with their very own cocktail drink.

baby shower sweet table, dessert table

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Trendy Gold and White Sweet Table

I finally get to show off that trendy gold and white sweet table I worked on in collaboration with Marie from MA Signature Events this past May. She brought together some of the best in the industry to create a seamless and sophisticated styled shoot. It was such an experience, being able to set up in an art studio, the Le Livart. You literally have a blank canvas, all white walls you can play with! It was so much fun being able to see my creation come to life amidst this white backdrop.

I was given carte Blanche (pun intended) to do as I pleased so long as I created something within the elements of the styled shoot: mercury gold, paper flowers, white, trendy and stunning 🙂 . I think I was able to capture the essence she wanted!

Marie shared with us a brief description behind her concept and this is what she had to say:

“I wanted to manipulate white in different elements to bring more of the immaculate whiteness of the venue. But I didn’t want it to be uni-dimensional, so we played with various textures and styles to create an interesting visual. By combining modern, vintage, metal, paper , gold and white, we were able to create an eclectic but stunning decor!”

With that being said, here are the pictures of the shoot taken by the very talented Mo from Maurice Keiffer Wedding Photography

A Splash of Gold

gold white, sweet table, dessert table

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